Wednesday, December 13

Stampin'Fun for Everyone

Check out this set! It is so retro looking! Reminds me of Patterns of Friendship too, one of my favorites.
Rubber stamping is an amazing outlet for creativity from novice to advanced and everywhere in betwee! I am continually challenged, learning and inspired by the creativity I see shared by other papercrafters. I was out of touch with my creative side for a long time after I started having my children until I discovered Stampin'Up. Lately I have seen just how much I am touching those around me. It is such an honor to receive cards handmade by friends who have been inspired to do some stamping because I took the time to share with them the techniques getting me excited. It is very good to know that I have helped them be able to bless everyone in their circle with cards that they made just because I made time to share my talents. The joy just keeps growing in so many different ways! I would have to say that scrapbooking or cardmaking isn't only for the "crafty and creative" types. It's for anyone who needs a creative outlet or therapy! Lower your bloodpressure, start stamping. It is so therapeutic to get together with friends and make cards and scrap together. I also learn so much sharing ideas with others. No one should stamp alone!

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