Monday, March 5

Secret Swap February 2007

Here's a couple of items I did for a swap arranged by Marcy. All the items had to use products from the main big Idea Book & Cataloge from Stampin'Up! That was a challenge for me. The 6x6 scrapbook pages was too because of it's small size. I had to put in a photo to visualize but took it out when I sent it to Kim. The item on the right it a note pad box I got at Dollar Giant in Surrey. I had a lot of fun with this swap and the items I received in return were fabulous! I LOVE the items in the mini catalogues so it was especially interesting for me to NOT use those things in my creations. Doesn't Patrick look super TIRED in this picture. Probably because it was taken just minutes after Asia was born at Royal Columbian Hospital. I like the shirt he happened to be wearing that day. Do you think he wore it on purpose anticipating the photo op? Our baby was so tiny compared to her size now. She's now climbing and running and has so much fun playing with her big brother. He's all boy alright.

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