Wednesday, October 31

Halloween Celebration at Clipper Street

Photos from the Crop n'Howl

in Coquitlam on the weekend was fun!
Look at the two Dorothys! Dunja is the Dorthy on the left with her little doggie in a basket. Too bad they don't allow real dogs because her dad's dog looks just like Toto. I painted a bunch of ping pong balls to look like eyeballs. I am not sure why I was messing around with the paint and brushes when i could have used a steadier hand with permanent markers! Oh well, I also found an eyeball necklace from the dollar store and threw on a skeleton apron and a bone necklace. I was happy I dressed up anyway. Dora made a great witch and Barb was a cute bunny and I loved seeing Karen as a nun! Jo won a prize for best costume and boy did she scrap it fast! Izzy looks slinky doesn't she? The first photo is Carrie and Sarah who I went to Sunday School with when I was ten years old. I was in the group for a while before I realized who they were. I love Halloween!

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