Thursday, March 7

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Angela Carter
Jane Hignite
Deborah Smart
Debbie Broughton
Megin Gallagher
Karen Philipp
Carolyn Bennett

Betty-Ann Manghi You are here so you must be doing well!
Don't give up! You've got to move it, move it! as King Julian would say!  

Jan Schoenfeld
Tanya Stottlemire 
Danielle Calder

Jaye Catalano                         
Lesley Lendon                         
Lori Ann Rogers                      **updated 
Vanessa A. Terrell                  
Dawn Johnson                        

Melissa Banbury                               www.porchswingcreations.blogspot.comJanet Yates                            
Cathy Parlitsis                        
Laura Camacho                      Sinden                            
Kit Gosha                              
Beatriz Redd                                   www.queenbeascraps.blogspot.comCynthia Simpson                   
Jayne Stenstrom                   
Kelli Lichtenberg                   
Julie Fields                            
SuZan Brown                        
Lauren Huntley                       Acdal                           
Tonawanda Yost                  
Wendy Cranford                   

1 comment:

jennifer delauter said...

I have enjoyed looking at all of your cards and different projects. Thank you for posting the directions to various techniques, like making the paper flowers and even how to tie a bow on a gift. BTW, thanks for the clue!!