Tuesday, March 19

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Ribbons and Gift Wrapping Techniques

Forgot the typical Christmas ribbons and bows that you buy at the drugstore. This year make an impression with an array of ribbons. Mix widths, colors and textures to dress up your gifts.

Buying in Bulk To Save Money

I save on gift-wrapping paper by buying them in bulk. Even if I only got one pattern, my gifts do not look the same under the Christmas tree because I decorate them differently. Imagine the little black dress; no two women wear it the same. My collection of fabric ribbons and gift ornaments becomes my accessories.

How To Tie Ribbons on Gifts including the Classic Double Bow

how to tie the classic double bow
The Canadian House and Home November 2008 edition featured several ribbon tying techniques from Alison Dawson of Mokuba, a fabulous ribbon shop in Toronto.
If you still have questions on how to make the classic double bow, watch the Holiday Gift Wrapping videoon Canadian House and Home.
+ Photography by Tracy Shumate for H&H November 2008 – rights reserved

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